ALL About Lovving Lingerie


Lovving Lingerie

Every brand has its background, a story that made what it is today. Lovving just like any other company has a vision.

a vision where the women are confident and look stunning in what they wear. The clothes had to be perfect to bring out of them the confidence and poise they always had but never knew.

Designed to redefine seductiveness and sensuality, Lovving lingerie has made its top priority to get luxurious and top graded quality lingerie and sleepwear to bring out the inner goddess in you so you trust your look.

Our Vision

At Lovving, we do not see lingerie as a piece of cloth you need to put on for a guy to impress, oh no, we believe that lingerie is a part of you. What you choose, says a lot about what you love, how you wear it, and how you pull that gorgeous piece of soft clothing on those strong and beautiful shoulders, shows attitude. Do not just wait for that “special moment” to take your lingerie out of the drawer. Our special quality lingerie and nightwear are super comfortable for everyday wear.  For a girl’s night out,  or a proper sleepover or just being by yourself, treating the goddess within you with a nice bath and clothes that make you let that diva out.

At Lovving

We understand your needs and requirements the reason why we afforded numerous more lines and categories for your inner goddess to experiment your sexuality and try on what you like best to have a little fun in the bedroom or a trip to the sorority’s Halloween party. You are going to rock it all with our special fabric meant to make you feel special

With a wide range starting from bedroom lingerie, holiday lingerie to fishnet stocking and corsets we’ve got it all and that’s not it, We have a special edition of kinky costumes, bridal lingerie and sexy honeymoon bras and panties…the list go on and on. Check out the website our lovving lingerie collection try out something new. Let yourself reward the inner diva and pamper yourself. Spice up the magic in the bedroom and soar high.