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The Best Guide To Buying Bridal Lingerie

Choosing the Right Bridal Lingerie

Bridal lingerie is now not only about the aesthetics and the vibe of the dress but also about how it feels against the skin. It is very important that you invest in good lingerie before your wedding as it will make a huge deal if you get it wrong.

Bridal Lingerie

People often get confused if they should buy the bridal dress first or the lingerie, I say bring your lingerie to your dress fittings. You have to be sure about what works for you, if the straps aren’t showing from anywhere they should not be and if the seams are not overshadowing the silk of the dress. They might seem like little things but at the end of the day, they matter. Wear a nice well-fit bra because it will not only keep your breasts in place but also give them an uplift and support the dress.

There are a number of bridal lingerie choices to pick from, traditional silk white bras and panties, open cup sexy chemise, beautiful lacy cup gowns, matching leg garters and thongs, T-string teddies and honeymoon lingerie all that are super comfortable and well hidden underneath the dress.

It’s all about choosing the right lingerie that goes perfectly with the right dress.


Bridal lingerie should be chosen for its functional qualities. It may not be as sexy as the honeymoon lingerie but should be comfortable and fit perfectly under your dress, and complement your body shape.

Choose body control bridal lingerie to conceal any unflattering parts of your body such as the tummy, buttocks, and thighs. It offers comfort and a boost in your confidence while it makes you feel sexy. To look trim at the waist and give a subtle lift to your breast, the bridal bustier is your best take. It fits comfortably and can be worn under strapless dresses.

When choosing your bridal lingerie, remember to choose the color that will not show through your dress; you don’t want to face an embarrassment. And you want to stick to tradition, find a garter, which will be tossed into the crowd by the groom after the bride has thrown her bouquet to her single women guests.


Choosing the Perfect Honeymoon Lingerie

Honeymoon lingerie is a sexy and daring underwear specially made to create a visual appeal and trigger passionate romantic feelings between newlyweds. This type of underwear helps to nudge the man into wishing to fulfill his fantasies.

The basic fact underlying the honeymoon lingerie is that it is designed to be seen. As a result, find something more daring and sexy to look irresistible to your man – a pair of stockings, baby dolls, bustier, and more.

Finally, bridal lingerie goes with your wedding dress and honeymoon lingerie is to be shared with your groom on your honeymoon. Your choice should be based on your personal taste and comfort.

Honeymoon Lingerie


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